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24 de Setembro a 24 de Novembro


September 24 to November 24


Fractal Flowers - Miguel Chevalier

I Want You To Want Me - Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar

Pherographia - Carlos M. Fernandes


Ear on Arm - Stelarc

Rainwater Harvester/Greywater Feedback Loop - Futurefarmers

Robotarium - Leonel Moura


datamatics - Ryoji Ikeda

Hysterical Machines - Bill Vorn

ISU, the poet robot - Leonel Moura

Orbit Machines - Carl Pisaturo

RAP (Robotic Action Painter) - Leonel Moura

Robotic Chair - Max Dean with Rafaelo D'Andrea and Matt Donovan


Free Range Grain - Critical Art Ensemble (plus Beatriz Da Costa, Shyh-shium Shyu)

Junior Return - Philip Ross

Roots - Roman Kirschner

The Distance Between What We Have and What We Want - Tavares Strachan


Making the Invisible Visible - George Legrady

MEART - Symbiotica Research Group, et al.

The Animal, Vegetable, Mineralness of Everything - Ken Feingold


[domestic] - Mary Flanagan

ArtSbot - Leonel Moura

The Weather Project - Olafur Eliasson

Uncle Roy All Around You - Blast Theory


Feral Robotic Dogs - Natalie Jeremijenko

Genetically Engineered Mice - Catherine Chalmers

L'Expédition Scintillante, Act II: Untitled (light show) - Pierre Huyghe

payphone - Robert Lazzarini

So. So. So., Somebody Somewhere, Some Time - Maurice Benayoun

Tickle Salon - Driessens & Verstappen

Video Quartet - Christian Marclay


Blinkenlights - Chaos Computer Club

ConFIGURING the CAVE - Jeffrey Shaw with Hegedüs and Bernd Lintermann

Dialtones (A Telesymphony) - Golan Levin with Scott Gibbons and Gregory Shakar et al.

Elektrosonic Interference - Arterial Group with Barry Schwartz and Bastiaan Maris

Glyphiti - Andy Deck

TGardenSponge and Foam - Maja Kuzmanovic and Nik Gaffney (Sponge), Chris Salter, Sha Xin Wei, Laura Farabough (FoAM)

US Department of Art & Technology - Randall Packer


Autopoiesis - Ken Rinaldo

Codex Gnome - Suzanne Anker

ec-satyricOn - Joseph Nechvatal

Einsteins Brain: The Bodies: Mnemonic Body - Alan Dunning and Paul Woodrow

Emoter - Tim Hawkinson

Lexia to Perplexia - Talan Memmott

Nature? - Marta de Menezes

Pamphleteer - Institute for Applied Autonomy

Quorum Sensing - Chu-Yin Chen

The Influence Machine - Tony Oursler

Witness - Susan Hiller


Autoshop - Adrian Ward

Communimage - Johannes Gees and Cal and WTO imposter performances - ®tmark and The Yes Man

Genesis - Eduardo Kac

Ghost Catching - Openended Group (Paul Kaiser, Shelley Eshkar) and Bill T. Jones

Hyperdomestic Cacti - Amy Yongs

Listening Post - Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen

OP_ERA - Rejane Cantoni & Daniela Kutschat

UCBM (you could be me) - Nell Tenhaaf

Vectorial Elevation Relational Architecture 4 - Rafael Lozano-Hemmer


Drive (Installation View from Graz, Track 6 + 5) - Jordan Crandall

Own, Be Owned, or Remain Invisible - Heath Bunting

Potatoland - Mark Napier

Putto 2x2x4 - Michael Ress

Stock Market Skirt - Nancy Paterson


I/O/D: The Web Stalker - I/O/D (Matthew Fuller, Simon Pope, Colin Green)

Increasing the Latent Period in a System of Remote Destructibility - Mark Pauline & SRL

Master/Slave - Diller + Scofidio

Memory Theatre VR - Agnes Hegedüs

Relocating the Remains - Keith Piper

The Invisible Shape of Things Past - Art + Com

World, Membrane and the Dismembered Body - Seiko Mikami


As Yet Untitled - Max Dean

Bodies© IBCorporated - Victoria Vesna, Rob Nideffer, Nathanial Freitas

interface - Garnet Hertz

Legal Tender - Ken Goldberg, Eric Paulos, John Canny, Judith Donath, Mark Pauline

Nirvana - Mariko Mori

No Man's Land - Louis-Philippe Demers and Bill Vorn

Rara Avis - Eduardo Kac

Red and Yellow Robot Dance - Alan Rath

Species Substitute - Chris Csikszentmihalyi

Telepresence Garment - Eduardo Kac

Terrain 01 -. Ulrike Gabriel

The Amorphic Evolution - Chico MacMurtrie

The Tissue Culture & Art (TC&A) Project - Oron Catts & Ionat Zurr

Tickle - Driessens & Verstappen


A Room for Robots (or 2 Minutes of Bliss - Installation) - VOID Performance

Aeriology - Joyce Hinterding

Alice Sat Here - Nina Sobell and Emily Hartzell

At the Edge of Chaos - Louis-Philippe Demers and Bill Vorn

Curiosity Cabinet for the End of the Millenium - Catherine Richards

Fractal Flesh - Internet Body Upload Event - Stelarc

Frontiers of Utopia - Jill Scott

I Have Never Read the Bible - Jim Campbell

Osmose - Char Davies

Piano as an Image Media - Toshio Iwai

Rehearsal of Memory - Graham Harwood (Mongrel)

TechnoSphere - Jane Prophet (with Gordon Selley)

TeleGarden - Ken Goldberg, et al.

Telepresent Surveillance - Joel Slayton

The FrenchMan Lake - Louis-Philippe Demers and Bill Vorn

The Messenger/Alex - Catherine Ikam and Louis Fléri

The Trace - Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Will Bauer

Where I can see my house from here so we are - Ken Feingold


A-Volve - Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau

Beyond Pages - Masaki Fujihata

CyberSM III - Kirk Wolford and Stahl Stenslie

Epizoo - Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca and Sergi Jordá

In between - Orlan

Intergrated Circuits - Ted Krueger

Lovers Leap - Miroslaw Rogala with Ford Oxaal and Ludger Hovestadt

Modell 5 - Granular Synthesis

Passage Sets: One Pulls Pivots at the Tip of the Tongue - Bill Seaman

Ping Body - Stelarc

Senator Pobot Goes to Washington - Graham Smith

The File Room - Antonio Muntadas

The Helpless Robot - Norman White

The Mercury Project - Ken Goldberg, Michaek Mascha, Steve Gentner, et al.

The Oort Continuum - Dan Sadin, et al.


24-Hour Psycho - Douglas Gordon

Archaeology of a Mother Tongue - Toni Dove

Blam! - Necro Enema Amalgamated (Eric Swenson and Keith Seward)

Genetic Images - Karl Sims

Handle with Care - Susan Collins

Hollow Body/Host Space: Stomach Sculpture - Stelarc

Hunter Hunter - Chris Csikszentmihalyi

Placeholder - Brenda Laurel and Rachel Strickland

The Data Mitt (or Data Dentata) - Ken Goldberg and Richard S. Wallace

The Flock 1993 - Ken Rinaldo and Mark Grossman

Vector Space - Bill Vorn, L. P. Demers, Andrew Galbreath, Kevin Hutchings, et al.

Virtual Square - Van Gogh TV/Ponton European Media Arts Lab

Winke Winke - X-Space


Amorphic Robot - Chico MacMurtrie

Breath - Ulrike Gabriel

Home of the Brain - Monika Fleischmann

Inter Caetera Divina - Ken Goldberg and Claudia Vera

Joan, The Meat Man - Antúnez Roca and Sergi Jordá

MA-1 - Stephen Hamper

Perception: Fast Forward III - Isabelle Chemin and Guido Hubner

Power and Water - Ken Goldberg and Margaret Lazzari

Remote/Obsolete: Event for Scanning Robot, Involuntary Arm and Third Hand - Stelarc

Telematic Dreaming - Paul Sermon

The Three Sirens - Nicolas A.Baginsky


Foreseen Variations - Artemis Moroni and *.* Group

Liquid Architectures - Marcos Novak

Tumbling Man - Chico MacMurtrie and Rick W. Sayre


Concert for Anarchy - Rebecca Horn

Gametes - Michael Joaquin Grey with Randolph Huff

Genghis - Rodney Brooks

I Sow to the Four Winds - Edmond Couchot, with Michel Bret and Hélène Tramus

Nose Wazoo - Jim Pallas with Jim Zalewski

ph - Dumb Type

Portrait no. 1 / Portrait One - Luc Courchesne

Untitled - Ted Krueger and Ken Kaplan


Barbie Liberation Organization [B.L.O.]

Computer Project - Matt Mullican

CyberSqueek series - Ken Rinaldo

Edison Effect - Paul Demarinis

Ornitorrinco - Eduardo Kac and Ed Bennett

Petit Mal - Simon Penny

Security by Julia - Julia Scher

Untitled - Jenny Holzer


Helpless Robot, or HLR - Norman White

Life in Quick Basic - Roland Brener

Mars Suite - Margo K. Apostolos

Talos and Koïné - Jean-Marc Matos


Clock for 300 Thousand Years - Tatsuo Miyajima

Golden Gate Fly-Over - Michael Naimark

The Abstract Room - Studio Azzurro and Giorgio Barberio Corsetti


Desert Crawler - Joe Davis

Musique Non Stop - Rebecca Allen

Ocean - Yoichiro Kawaguchi

Perfume flacon with holography - Emanuel Pimenta

Photon Voice - Shawn Brixey and Laura Knott

Robotic Performance - Eduardo Kac

Technology Recapitulates Phylogeny - Ken Rinaldo

Telephonic Arm Wrestling - Norman White and Doug Back

Very Nervous System - David Rokeby

Voyeur - Alan Rath


TransmissionS: In the WELL - Peter DAgostino

Video Flag Y - Nam June Paik


Adelbrecht - Martin Spanjaard

House Plants - James Seawright

Mister Heartbreak - Laurie Anderson


Clones: A Simultaneous Radio, Television and Videotex Network - Mario Ramiro with Jose W. Garcia

Electronic Garden #2 - James Seawright

Field of Interaction - Piotr Kowalski

The Pleating of the Text - Roy Ascott


Ballet Robotique - Bob Rogers

First and Second Beauty Composites - Nancy Burson

The First Catastrophe of the Twenty-First Century - Nam June Paik

The World in 24 Hours/Die Welt in 24 Stunden - Robert Adrian


Piggly-Wiggly and Rabot - Mark Pauline

Third Hand - Stelarc, et al.


Survival Research Laboratories, or SRL - Mark Pauline, Matthew Heckert and Eric Werner


AARON - Harold Cohen

Soundings - Gary Hill


Aspen Movie Map - MIT Media Lab and Architecture Machine Group

Spinning Shaft - Alejandro and Moira Siña


Complex Wave Forms - Ralph Hocking

Send/Receive Satellite Network - Franklin Street Arts Center, Center for New Art Activities, Art-Com/La Mamelle in collaboration with NASA and the PISA


He Weeps for You - Bill Viola


Electronic Painter - SKB 'Prometei'


Machine Sex - Mark Pauline

Menage - Norman White

Noisefields - Steina and Woody Vasulka

Present Continuous Past(s) - Dan Graham

Video Place - Myron Krueger


Dawn Burn - Mary Lucier

Doorway to Heaven - Chris Burden

Observation of the Observation: Uncertainty - Peter Weibel


Interface - Peter Campus

Telephysical Phone System - Thomas Shannon


Electronic Hokkadim - Douglas Davis

Pixillation - Lillian Schwartz with Kenneth Knowlton, Music by Gershon Kingsley


Day Passage - Rockne Krebs

Live-Taped Video Corridor - Bruce Nauman

Seek - Nicholas Negroponte and the Architecture Machine Group, MIT

Standard Arm - Victor Scheinman

Stomach X-Ray - Dennis Oppenheim

Wabot-1 - Waseda University

WearComp - Steve Mann


Contact: A Cybernetic Sculpture - Les Levine

G.F.E. (16,4) - Vladimir Bonačić

News - Hans Haacke

Solar Audio Window Transmission - Ted Victoria

The Senster - Edward Ihnatowicz


Boston Public Gardens Demonstration - Pulsa

Cybernetic Sculpture - Wen-Ying Tsai with Frank T. Turner

Electronic Dé-coll/age Happening Room (Homage à Dürer) - Wolf Vostell & Peter Saage

Electronic Peristyle - James Seawright

Giaps Igloo - Mario Merz

Heart Beats Dust - Jean Dupuy

Soundings - Robert Rauschenberg with Billy Klüver

Toy-pet Plexi-Ball - Robin Parkinson and Eric Martin

Wipe Cycle - Frank Gillette and Ira Schneider


Catso, Red - James Turrell

Circuit Super Heterodyne - Marta Minujin

Cybertheater - Lev Nusberg and the 'Moviment' Group

Hummingbird - Charles Csuri and James Shaffer

Poem Field No. 2: Life Like - Stan Vanderbeek and Kenneth Knowlton

Snows - Carolee Schneemann with E.A.T.


Beatles Electroniques - Jud Yalkut and Nam June Paik

Greens Crossing Greens: to Piet Mondrian Who Lacked Green - Dan Flavin

Son et Lumière for Bodily Fluids and Functions - Mark Boyle and Joan Hills

Squat - Thomas Shannon

Studies in Perception 1 - Kenneth Knowlton and Leo Harmon


13/9/65 Nr. 5, Distribution of elementary signs - Frieder Nake

Opus 161 - Thomas Wilfred

Xerografie Originali - Bruno Munari


Robot K-456 - Nam June Paik and Shuya Abe


Light Ballet - Otto Piene

Light Mural for KLM - Gyorgy Kepes


Philips Pavilion - Le Corbusier, Iannis Xenakis, Edgard Varèse

Signal Lumineux - Takis


CYSP 1 - Nicolas Schöffer

Electric Dress - Atsuko Tanaka

Oscillation #4 - Ben Laposky

Point Counter Point - Frank Malina


Remote-control painting - Akira Kanayama


Cinechromatic - Abraham Palatnik

Imaginary Landscape No. 4 - John Cage

Ninth Triennial of Milan Grand Staircase - Lucio Fontana


Yantra - James Whitney


Turtle Robot - William Grey Walter


Estructura Lumínica Madí 'F' - Gyula Kosice


Light-Space Modulator - László Moholy-Nagy


Kinetic Construction (Standing Wave) - Naum Gabo

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